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  • Date 02-08-2022

Being busy studying doesn't mean you can't be active in organizations. Organizing can be done by every student as long as they are good at dividing their time between lectures and other activities. You can take part in one or even more organizational activities by dividing your time appropriately. This activity can be adapted to lectures because, after all lectures are still the main priority as a student. There is time for studying, doing assignments, attending organizational meetings, resting, and refreshing so you don't get stressed.

But what often happens in organizations is that we find it difficult to divide our time between coursework and the responsibilities of the organization we are involved in. What are some ways we can focus on many things? How do you divide your time between one activity and another? So, this time let's discuss together how to divide your time between studies and organizations. Come on, let's see!

  1. Determining Priorities

Determine which activities are truly your priority. College or organization? The answer is in yourself. Return to your main goal of studying or joining an organization. There's nothing wrong if you want to prioritize one of them. In fact, a student's main goal is to go to college and graduate on time. However, it cannot be denied that organizations help socialize in society, especially if the organization is in line with hobbies. You can choose an organization that makes you comfortable and can develop your potential. To make big decisions, you at least need input from other people.

  1. Good Time Management
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If you have chosen which things to prioritize, then complete your work one by one. Dividing and managing time between learning organizations and social activities is something that must be done. However, until now many of us are still having problems sharing academic activities with campus organizations. Sometimes college schedules conflict with organizations so you have to choose between one. If that happens, you can rearrange your organization's schedule. If you can't, then you have to choose one of the two, and see whether the organization's activities are very important to you or not. If there is a conflict in your study schedule, prioritize studying.

  1. Don't Postpone Work

The habit of students is that they like to postpone work. This is a bad habit for you. The effects may not be felt now but will be felt in the future. When we work in a tight time, the results will not be optimal. If you have entered an organization or community and you have been given the mandate to carry out leadership. This will also make us individuals who are undisciplined and slow in carrying out tasks. So never postpone the work. Make sure the work is appropriate and directed so that everything is actually completed within the specified time.

  1. Dare to Refuse Unimportant Activities

When dividing our time between the many activities we do, there are times when we are confused about deciding which activities are useful or not. Sometimes we also like to postpone or even leave things that should be important and do things that are less important. When you are invited to spend our time on things that are not important, we must have the courage to refuse it. When you dare to reject something, you show your strength and resilience towards something.

    Focus On Goals And The Future

One of the tips and ways to optimally divide your time between studying and campus organizations is with motivation. One of them is by planning your future with the organization and college major you have chosen. At least when you determine priorities, it means you already have an idea of the future that will be carried out later. Of course, this makes you even more enthusiastic about being able to maximize every moment so that it isn't wasted.

  1. Establish Effective Communication

If you want to convey something urgent but cannot communicate it well. You could be said to have failed as a good person in the eyes of other people. For example, tomorrow there is a midterm exam. So, at the same time, the organization you are joining requires you to be present at an important meeting agenda. This is where it is important for you to communicate. Of course, in this case, Snda prioritizes studying. You can excuse yourself from attending the meeting because you are studying.

    Totality of Self

In college or in an organization, you must have the best total self. If you are in an organization then it is best to organize yourself at that time to join the organization. Likewise with college, you should always be focused and totally focused on the subjects you are studying. When you have a good total self, then you can attract the attention of others with your total personality. In this case, what is needed for the beginning of total self-totality is your courage and confidence to try so that your ability and courage will also develop.

  1. Evaluate Every Activity Carried Out

Every activity that has been carried out, be it a lecture or an organization, needs to be evaluated. Have we done it optimally or what are the things that hinder these activities? This requires an evaluation so that in the future we can choose which activities should and should not be carried out.


How about it friends, it turns out it's very easy to divide your study time and organizational time? So, you can apply it from now on. Don't hesitate, you can study while organizing. Because, you will feel the benefits of both when you enter the world of work. So, don't hesitate to try the method above!

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